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Hi Folks Hope everyone is staying safe at home and enjoying this time to explore your artistic capacities. In an effort to keep our customers supplied with art materials we will be taking orders and payment by phone. We can make arrangements on payment for delivery or collection.  Call us on 01892 527512 0r email [email protected] take good care Sue

March 30th, 2020|

Interview with Artist & Illustrator Georgina Luck

Here @M.Saltmarsh we interviewed Brighton based artist and illustrator Georgina Luck on her career as a freelance Illustrator and which products and techniques she uses. Hello Georgina, What was your key motivation in becoming an illustrator? I kind of fell into illustration through looking for something that had the structure of a written brief, but that allowed some creative free reign. I had no idea in the beginning that I could really make a career out of drawing. It was a little daunting leaping into freelance work from a full time job, but its the best thing I’ve ever done, [...]

July 2nd, 2018|

INKS – A brief description

All inks are created from two components: a colour and a ‘vehicle’. Which ever ink you wish to make or use, you will need these two components. The Colour: Colours in inks can come from two sources, either pigments or dyes, both have advanteges/disavantages and each can be used for many processes. A pigment is a substance which gives ink its colour. The pigment size is much smaller in inks than paints, as generally particles need to move through a fine pen nib. A Pigment-based ink will sit on a paper surface and is more water resistant than dye-based ink. These [...]

July 2nd, 2018|

Dave McKean – A Retrospective

A Retrospective is a free exhibition put on by Dave Mckean in the Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gellery, if your into comic art we strongly suggest you go and have a look, showing from 24/01/14 - 30/03/14 Also pick up a leaflet as they have talks going on (Getting into graphic Art / Women in comics / Maus and the holocaust) A great little exhibition from a real talent of an artist.

July 2nd, 2018|

Interview with Andy James

Interview with Andy James; local artist and painter. 1. What made you become an artist? Nothing made me become an artist, it was something I think I eventually became in time. Initially, the gravitational pull towards describing lives and experiences through an artistic sensibility helped me begin my career. As I look back, it all looks rather improbable, as I wasn't even aware of anyone going to art school, let alone pursuing it as a career. 2. What aspect of art excites you? Remaining excited and hungry about starting new work after 25 years. It's always a fresh beginning. Still believing [...]

July 2nd, 2018|

Art Tutors & Workshops (South East UK)

Courses & Workshops •   Watercolour & Mixed Media Painting - Michelle Illing - E: [email protected] - T: 01892 527 031 - W: •   Life Drawing  - Eddie Armer - T: 01892 826 040 - M: 07515 485 653 - E: [email protected] •   Stained Glass Courses - Stoney Parsons - M: 07932 746 378 - E: [email protected] - W: •   After school Art Club - Sally Scott - T: 07547 384 148 - E: [email protected] - W: •   Art Class - Luisa Dominguez - T: 01797 225 484 •   Art Island (under 5's and their carers art club) @ BEAN - AD: 68 St Johns Road, TN4 9PE, Contact BEAN for more information •   Portrait & Life Classes - Steven Rose - M: 07765 491 492 W: •   Life Drawing - Martin Wells - M: 07990 981 467 Art Tutors [...]

July 2nd, 2018|
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